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Traditionally the Local Dental Committee (LDC) has been funded by a levy; a small percentage of dentists' NHS earnings were remitted by the Dental Practice Board (DPB now the BSA) each month. This levy collection was greatly disrupted for all LDCs by the contractual changes. No mechanism was built into the pilot PDS arrangements so practices paid an equivalent amount as a voluntary subscription. nPDS and nGDS meant this anomaly extended to all contracts. For a year the LDC had to manage on reserves. Now the payment online system used by PCTs and the DoH has been adjusted, and levies are being collected again. The current levy is set at £12 per month for every dentist in Essex with an NHS commitment. Note that where there is a practice based contract this should be incorporated in the calculation of associate earnings. Dentists directly employed by PCTs, in what used to be called the community dental service, are the subject of a separate scheme.

Update June 2014

Eddie Crouch has posted the following on GDPUK which explains the national situation regarding recent changes to LDC levy payments.

"NHS England and BSA have steam rolled LDCs into a unified collection method for Area Team geography as their software and tendering to remain the provider meant they economised on what they previously could do. David Geddes made promises to two LDC events that first LDCs would not be forced together and then we would have paperwork to support levy collection from 2013-14 both promises have been broken. We have had to submit an FOI to find out who paid our levy for last year as we have been denied paperwork and BSA have failed in their fiduciary duty. We have been forced to chose one method of collection, as Area Teams data on performers is so shockingly poor , we have had to levy as a % of contract value as this is the only reliable fact."

A percentage of contract value (0.17%) has been decided upon for all GDS contracts across Essex.

Below is a worked example for the end of May schedule where 2 months worth of levies were deducted:

Total Contract Value £100,000.00

Non-Superannuable Deductions

Performer percentage levy £26.02

Statutory levy percentage value £2.31

This can be explained by

100000.00/12 x 0.17% = 14.165

14.165 x 2 = 28.33

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