Essex Local Dental Committee

What is a Local Dental Committee (LDC) and what does it do?

LDCs were set up in 1948, becoming Statutory bodies under the 1977 NHS Act. As such Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) have to consult with the LDC on matters of local dental interest. We represent any dentist in the county of Essex who holds an NHS list number with the PCT. Also we represent PDS practitioners, assistants and deputies provided they have expressed a wish to be represented by the LDC. Private dentists may also be helped by the LDC, but are not able to be members. The members of the LDC are elected to represent the interests of those dentists listed above, but also should problems arise in their professional lives they are available for advice and help. The LDC is involved with providing input into several dental committees in Essex including:

LDC members also assist in:

Meetings are held about four or five times a year at Chelmsford Golf Club . Meetings are open to any represented dentist to attend and observe. If any dentist in the county has an issue they feel needs resolving, then the LDC might be able to assist you. The next meeting is announced here .

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